Bismillah. (Akak terai)

Alhamdulillah, almost done for my diploma. Last month, I've sat on my final exam for my fifth semester. And this December, i will continue my last semester for doing my internship at Majlis Perbandaran Taiping. Time have flies so fast, orang cakap. Same goes to me. As I wish, to doing my internship near to my house. Feeling so complicated actually, for those yang dah biasa hidup jauh, walaupun tak jauh mana. haha Really, selalunya, bangun alarm kejut, iron baju as well, tidy up my room, bersiap, walking to the class, and everyday, it was rolling good. Exactly, i got a lot of help from my friends which very kind. It is a bit ringankan beban, thank you Nurazlina Daros, Hidayah Husna, Arina Nasir, Jane, Liyana Amirudin, Salina Ali. Haha, habis mention semua. Am i too worst to being a good housewife? Bilik bersepah, bersawang penuh, baju tak pandai cuci tangan. pemalas sungguh.

So, make it short, during my semester break ni, I'm just wanna share a bit experience along im being the Estate Management Student in UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak. I will, In shaa Allah. How you've need to prepare in physically, mentally, rohani and so on. In addition, with all the economy unstability, price of real property being increase day by day, ahh.. as a student, we just to being chill and sometimes, aggressive to stand your opinions. if you are at the right places okey! This will be continue, if Allah wills. Have a great day guys.