Preparation Back To School.

First for all, thank you so much for helping me while I had started writing blog. Feels relax so much after typing my feeling about life, friends,family yeah! Now, I have to study hard, so my family will happy and satisfied with my soon result. In Syaa Allah. Oh! Before I forget, my preparation back to school near complete. Thanks so much to Fynaz Mirza for present me pencil case when my birthday so now, I no need to buy new pencil case. Yeah save. Uniform and bag? Just adopting a long, one year to go only maa..haha

New shoes. Basically, semua macam tu kan? Tiap-tiap tahun beli kasut baru kan? My school just let the leather shoes. Brand M Class for this year. Haha! Asadi to much. No way to wear it. 

Oke, lastly. Please! Pray for me. I will do my best. Sebaik yang mampu. 

In Syaa Allah. I will study hard to get result flying colours. 9A+. Amin

fifahsubuki: I am Form Five. Please respect! I am your senior.. 
junior: OK!
fifahsubuki: call me 'kaka..'
junior: kaka or kakak?
fifahsubuki: yeah! bawa aku pergi..pacu laju lagi kerna kita tak perlu kembali..haha

hoping SHIRO jadi juara MLM 2012. Actually diorang lebih best dari JOZAN. cuma pandangan sisi kiri#

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